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The native Americans believed that names had a power to them and did not divulge it easily. There are some very interesting names in the world which are full of meaning. Here, we'll discuss a list of them:

1. What Does Your Name MUSCAT Mean?

Derived from French, Muscat refers to a variety of white, red or black grape with a musky scent. It is grown in warm climates like the Mediterranean and is used for wine, raisins or for the table. It is also the name of the capital of Oman.

2. What Does Your Name KREINER Mean?

The meaning represents ambition, independence and strength. Overall it stands for a steadfast individual who never gives up and whom you know you can rely upon.

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3. What Does Your Name OLEN Mean?

With a Basis in Norse history, Olen means a relic. A person with this name is highly creative and is a leader, not a follower. He inspires people toward a higher cause and is proud of their convictions.

4. What Does Your Name NOBEL Mean?

It is used to describe a person who is honest, brave and kind who lives his life with dignity. A person of Nobel birth has a high social standing and leads people with good morals.

5. What Does Your Name BAZIL Mean?

Meaning Royal or Kingly in Arabic, people with this name are destined to lead and are dynamic, intelligent and versatile. They are optimistic toward life and make friends easily.

6. What Does Your Name DEERING Mean?

This name takes its meaning from Old English and means a dear one or a loved one. This is a charming name and usually kept for someone special to the heart.

7. What Does Your Name GREENING Mean?

This name has been derived from the Dutch Groenig and means tending toward nature. It brings to mind a picturesque forest with multiple shades of verdant green.

8. What Does Your Name BOMBARDIER Mean?

It refers to a good friend or companion. Taken from French, 'Bon' means good and 'par' means equal fellow. A person with a friend like him is a lucky individual for sure!!

9. What Does Your Name CROOKSHANKS Mean?

It has Scottish roots in referring to a bow-legged individual. Apart from that, it holds the honor of bearing the name as our favorite feline from the Harry Potter universe.

10. What Does Your Name FAWN Mean?

Fauna was the Greek goddess of fertility and nature. It also refers to a young deer. This name signifies unrivaled vitality and power along with innocence in an individual.

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11. What Does Your Name TAGLE Mean?

Refers to a noble family from the Santander province in Spain. Such a person is said to be idealistic with strong feelings of friendship. He is a person who tries to support the strife of people.

12. What Does Your Name CRIDER Mean?

A name which has its origins from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning creek or a small river. It represents a cheerful, friendly and emotional person who is trustworthy.

13. What Does Your Name MARIAN Mean?

This name signifies a holy source and refers to a sea of tears. It is a name used widely throughout history to signify prominent women. Such a person would definitely lead an important life.

14. What Does Your Name DORAN Mean?

An interesting name with its roots in Celtic and translates to a pilgrim or stranger. Popular at a point in time among the Irish, it points toward a resourceful person.

15. What Does Your Name BARTEL Mean?

This name was used in the Aramaic culture and language. 'Bar' translates to son and 'telem' refers to furrows. So, this name was used to mean the son of furrows and was used in the form of Bartholomew widely.

16. What Does Your Name EKSTROM Mean?

This ornamental name has its derivatives in Swedish and has the elements referring to Oak and the River current. A person with this name is fine in harmony and is easy-going with refined features.

17. What Does Your Name MONIKA Mean?

Monika is a name which is widely used on the European continent and has multiple meanings. It stands for 'advisor' in Latin and 'unique' in Greek. Monika is also the patron saint of women.

18. What Does Your Name KENNY Mean?

It refers to a handsome individual and is based on the Irish language. This person is charming and is a natural at obtaining the devotion of people around him.

19. What Does Your Name DICK Mean?

The Germanic elements of this name mean brave, power or rule. It remains a very popular English name and is used widely to signify a persons ability and character.

20. What Does Your Name FERRARO Mean?

The Latin origin of this name comes from the word Ferrum which means Iron. The name refers to a person who works with metal. This individual has a generous and kind nature.

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21. What Does Your Name MICHL Mean?

An ancient name with roots in the Hebrew religion, it asks a rhetorical question, 'Who is like God?'. This is definitely one of the most interesting names I've come across and leaves no doubt about its popularity.

22. What Does Your Name JOHNSTONE Mean?

The Scottish name refers to an indication of being the son of John. It also refers to an old settlement in Scotland and is generally a local name with strong ties to the region.

23. What Does Your Name GILLETT Mean?

The name means a person living at the top of a glen, or a ravine. Another variant is of Greek origin and refers to a young goat. A very fashionable name, it was used in abundance in modern circles.

24. What Does Your Name LISA Mean?

A name with a lot of meaning. It regales 'The Oath of God' in ancient Hebrew. Definitely a very popular name among the younger generation and used widely.

25. What Does Your Name BOOM Mean?

It has German and Dutch origins and is used to refer to a particularly tall person or someone who has lived next to a tree. 'Bom' is a word used to refer to trees and the name is an extension of this.

26. What Does Your Name DANOS Mean?

Refers to an individual who is determined, stubborn steady and practical. These qualities may bring him to a position of authority and power.

27. What Does Your Name FRAZER Mean?

A Scottish name implying the presence of curly hair, it also refers to a region. These people are idealistic, imaginative and spiritual. Certainly strong qualities in a person!!

28. What Does Your Name KARINA Mean?

It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

29. What Does Your Name MELNICK Mean?

This is a Russian name with Slavic origins. An occupational name, the word translates to 'grind' and also refers to a miller. It is a very quaint name of a humble meaning.

30. What Does Your Name LADA Mean?

Another name with a Slavic history behind it, Lada is the identity of the Goddess of beauty, love and marriage. The name is usually associated with youth and splendor!!

31. What Does Your Name FYKE Mean?

A person with this name is kind, home-loving, hospitable and friendly. He takes responsibility well and is a good organizer of social affairs. Compassion to other people is a strong trait of his.

32. What Does Your Name GEYER Mean?

This is used to refer to a rapacious or a greedy individual. It has its own exotic nature and is derived from German where it points toward a large bird of prey or a vulture.

33. What Does Your Name MACKO Mean?

It has its annotations as being the Polish form of Mathew which is a very Biblical name. To be translated as 'A Gift Of God', it forebodes auspiciousness.

34. What Does Your Name DIMASCIO Mean?

The Italian meaning points toward a Master Craftsman or a servant. A person with this name is said to be strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. A Master Craftsman indeed!!

35. What Does Your Name BETH Mean?

It means 'an oath of God' according to the Hebrew but has variants in meaning lively in Scottish. Such a person is competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth.

36. What Does Your Name NIESEN Mean?

Referred to a location by the Dutch, people with this name possess a vivid imagination and like to enjoy the pleasures of life. They are creative and outgoing with a penchant for the arts.

37. What Does Your Name AUSMUS Mean?

This is a distinguished name used in Greece which meant 'loved', A person named so is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies. The great historian Erasmus comes to mind with this name.

38. What Does Your Name LAMPING Mean?

A variation of the Dutch Lambert, the name translates to 'Bright Land' and is generally used in a distinguished setting with royal families inclined toward its use,

39. What Does Your Name DONNELLY Mean?

This name has Irish roots and is composed of the elements 'donn' which means brown and 'gal' which means valour. This valiant sounding name is mostly used in Ireland but is exotic enough to be used elsewhere as well.

40. What Does Your Name GRADY Mean?

Another wonderful sounding Irish name, it means Noble and is used to describe someone of an illustrious and distinctive personage. Again, a very popular name in Northern Europe.

Names do have power as we've seen in all these instances. A good name is something which makes one memorable and generates a decent first impression. Happy naming!!